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15th Apr 2024
The firing timing of Immediately Invoked Function Expression (IIFE).
1st Apr 2024
Array is one of the fundamental types that appears in all programming languages which every programmer should master in its usage.
25th Aug 2023
Some secret features in JavaScript function parameter
25th July 2023
Finding ways to improve the Array.sort() performance.
13th April 2023
The cost and performance for adding async keyword to a function
16th Mar 2023
String operation is very common in any program especially those requires in processing user input.
2nd Mar 2023
Calling 7z for compressing files
12th Jan 2023
Adding new website to Nginx
14th Oct 2022
Automating the data backup with rdiff-backup.
6th Sep 2022
Javascript setTimeout with async callback
18th Jun 2022
Let's analyse the script file loading sequence for require().
30th Apr 2022
Error handling for async and Promise
14th Mar 2022
Async/await is not a solution for everything and the Promise() is still having a reason to exist.
7th Jun 2021
It will be good to see the performance comparison between worker thread and child process fork before deciding which route to go.
31th May 2021
Learn how to analyze the data with SELECT statement
13th May 2021
Install private Node.js package and make it accessible in the console
4th Feb 2021
The public facing server has a higher risk of being hacked or attacked. So, you may want to minimize the risk by following the steps mentioned in this article.
22nd Jan 2021
Design an iOS app for managing project earning and payout
18th Jan 2021
Regex is one of the most mysterious and complex stuffs to understand.
12th Jan 2021
Implementing discount process in MSSQL
5th Dec 2020
When you need more space.. try this out
5th Dec 2020
Running a web server is the minimum thing in your big enterprise.
5th Dec 2020
Developing web applications using Node.js and making it running fulltime using pm2.
5th Dec 2020
Developing websites, especially business applications with PHP is fun.
5th Dec 2020
This installation checklist will guide you on how to set up a web server or file server for office use.
14th May 2020
It is best if all our favorite functions are ready when Powershell starts.
12th May 2020
Failed to download file from a web server.
11th May 2020
Converting Powershell objects to JSON with ease.
4th May 2020
Powershell is able to handle XML structure easily.
10th Feb 2020
The best part of Powershell to us is the capability of managing an IIS web server.
6th Feb 2020
Get the list of websites hosted in the IIS.
27th Dec 2019
Creating scheduled tasks with Powershell command line part 3.
23th Dec 2019
curl without waiting for the result.
16th Dec 2019
Here's how to run a third party script.
16th Dec 2019
Do not forget the old DOS command is still useful.
16th Dec 2019
Restarting IIS appPool with a script file.
12th Dec 2019
Install Powershell.
9th Dec 2019
Creating scheduled tasks with Powershell command line part 2.
5th Dec 2019
Declaring your custom class structure in Powershell.
5th Dec 2019
Parsing DOS commands results into a Powershell class structure.
4th Dec 2019
Matching a string in a string list is easy.
2nd Dec 2019
Creating scheduled tasks with Powershell command line.
28th Nov 2019
The script to disable auto close the database in MSSQL
27th Nov 2019
You need a place to keep your setting.
25th Nov 2019
Compressing files is part of the automation process which is important for creating backup before rolling out the updates.
25th Nov 2019
Triggering external programs to copy files.
18th Nov 2019
Setting up an IIS web server using Powershell.
11th Nov 2019
Another task has been simplified and standardized.
4th Nov 2019
Automating new server setup - installing DNS server.
2nd Nov 2019
Updating the execution policy before starting your Powershell script for the first time.
18th Oct 2019
Loop through the records without using cursor in MSSQL
19th Sep 2019
Looking for missing index in MSSQL
14th Sep 2019
Change the database state back to normal
26th Oct 2018
The script to disable auto close the database in MSSQL
24th April 2018
Happiness in life with less unnecessary stuffs
2nd Nov 2017
Printing HTML is easy and fun
26th Sep 2017
Replacing backend services with ease by decoupling the front end from back end.
12th July 2017
Confusion with 'this' keyword
22nd Dec 2016
Simulating resource locking with waitfor in MSSQL
22nd Apr 2014
Recovering storage space after upgrade.
22nd Apr 2014
Installing 7z program to compress and password protect your backup.
22nd Apr 2014
Firewall is crucial for a server especially if it is a public facing server.
22nd Apr 2014
As long as your server has the need to access the network, you will need to assign an IP address and configure the DNS.
22nd Apr 2014
Be familiar with chown and chmod which is going to be helpful in running a web server or office server.
22nd Apr 2014
Here are the frequently used commands for you.
22nd Apr 2014
There are 3 frequently used directories: 'etc', 'var' and 'home'.
22nd Apr 2014
fail2ban is an automated defend daemon that safeguards your server.
22nd Apr 2014
FTP allows the user to upload files to the server without the need of physical access.
22nd Apr 2014
Accessing the server remotely with SSH feels magical. No other feeling better than this.
22nd Apr 2014
Doing more work with lesser manpower and achieving higher efficiency.
22nd Apr 2014
User accounts in Linux are free of charge. You can add as many as you want.
20th Apr 2014
Here is my collection of the basic ideas on how to install and maintain an Ubuntu server throughout the years.
15th Oct 2013
Dynamic query allows you to prepare the query at runtime and executes it
21st Feb 2013
It is slow if you are concatenating all records with a loop in MSSQL
8th Oct 2012
Reminding user with notification in MSSQL
1st Oct 2012
Want to find out how we use the stored procedure in MSSQL
27th Sep 2012
Here is the correct and better way to generate a series of number or date with CTE in MSSQL
28th Aug 2012
Allow to run the process again in MSSQL.
7th Aug 2012
Design a better and manageable reporting process in MSSQL.
24th Jul 2012
An application log for your systems
17th Jul 2012
You need a custom mail process
10th Jul 2012
How to design a stoppable long running process?
3rd Jul 2012
Troubleshooting a long run process is no longer a nightmare.
26th Jun 2012
Database stored procedure development guide
20th Jun 2012
Implementing primary key with uniqueidentifier in MSSQL
5th Jun 2012
Throw an error in MSSQL and catch by C#
22nd Dec 2011
You have a huge table and you do not want to return all records to the browser in one go
24th May 2010
Rebuilding indexes to maintain the query performance in MSSQL