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2nd Mar 2023
Calling 7z for compressing files
14th May 2020
It is best if all our favorite functions are ready when Powershell starts.
12th May 2020
Failed to download file from a web server.
11th May 2020
Converting Powershell objects to JSON with ease.
4th May 2020
Powershell is able to handle XML structure easily.
10th Feb 2020
The best part of Powershell to us is the capability of managing an IIS web server.
6th Feb 2020
Get the list of websites hosted in the IIS.
27th Dec 2019
Creating scheduled tasks with Powershell command line part 3.
23th Dec 2019
curl without waiting for the result.
16th Dec 2019
Here's how to run a third party script.
16th Dec 2019
Do not forget the old DOS command is still useful.
16th Dec 2019
Restarting IIS appPool with a script file.
12th Dec 2019
Install Powershell.
9th Dec 2019
Creating scheduled tasks with Powershell command line part 2.
5th Dec 2019
Declaring your custom class structure in Powershell.
5th Dec 2019
Parsing DOS commands results into a Powershell class structure.
4th Dec 2019
Matching a string in a string list is easy.
2nd Dec 2019
Creating scheduled tasks with Powershell command line.
27th Nov 2019
You need a place to keep your setting.
25th Nov 2019
Compressing files is part of the automation process which is important for creating backup before rolling out the updates.
25th Nov 2019
Triggering external programs to copy files.
18th Nov 2019
Setting up an IIS web server using Powershell.
11th Nov 2019
Another task has been simplified and standardized.
4th Nov 2019
Automating new server setup - installing DNS server.
2nd Nov 2019
Updating the execution policy before starting your Powershell script for the first time.