7th Dec 2022 The new web based application has been released. All functionalities remain unchanged and the new app has the capability to host on a Linux server or Windows server. So, you have the choice to host it yourself and we can host it for you. 😊

19th Aug 2022 The iOS version that we were offering has been delisted from the Apple App Store.

ciysys Wait list for restaurant for web
ciysys Wait list for restaurant
for web
7th Dec 2022 - released version 22.12.1.
Now is an opportune time for both businesses and the community to try and adopt a crowd control app.
Sharing pen and paper: Are you providing a contactless working environment for yourself and your staff?
How do you keep the dine-in customers and staff at ease while dining-in or working at the restaurants?
With this waitlist app, you can go contactless without sharing pens to reduce the chance of spreading germs among your staff and to others. This iPhone app enables the staff to key in the customer name, contact number, etc. in less than a minute. The staff is no longer required to write down the information with pen on paper which creates a contactless and efficient work flow.
A logbook doesn't give you a full picture of the wait time and the number of tables available or taken. While reducing the queue and waiting times for diners is important from a business standpoint, how do you attract these dine-in customers? By having an app and system that gives customers enough peace of mind that the restaurant excels in crowd management and crowd control that gives a better dine-in experience.
Now is an opportune time for both businesses and the community to try and adopt a wait-list app, a crown control solution.
Who is it for
  • This app is best suited for small businesses and startup entrepreneurs.
  • For those who is having multiple restaurants in different location.
  • Unlimited number of entries can be created with this app.
  • Maximum of 1,000 resources (such as table, VIP room, baby chair) can be created to track the special request.
  • Maximum of 1,000 databases (i.e., restaurants) can be created to track the activities in different business entity.
Why should restaurants use a wait list app instead of pen & paper?
  • To avoid long lines, inaccurate wait times, and crowded entrance.
  • Make your business run more smoothly with accurate wait time for walk-ins and reservations.
  • Improve efficiency and profitability (without seeing sales 'walk out the door').
  • Looks more professional as compared to using pen & paper or logbook.
How to spend less and save more money?
  • Track your spending diligently.
  • Scrutinize your spending by reviewing your credit card statements regularly.
  • Consider buying at thrift stores.
  • Cook and make your coffee at home.
  • Make gifts instead of buying.
  • Give second thought to big purchases.
  • Review membership & subscription packages.
  • Don't think of the shopping malls as entertainment.
Why is a wait list app a better tool than pagers & buzzers for the restaurants?
  • Pagers would cost additional expenses when there are more than 10 groups waiting for a table during peak hours.
  • Pagers can easily get lost if the customers forget to return them.
  • Pagers need to be disinfected continuously to avoid risk of contamination.
  • Pagers don't provide the data such as the number of reservations.
  • Buzzers will not work at a long distance from the restaurants. Customers still have to wait near the restaurant.
  • Pagers aren't an alternative to pens and papers. Restaurant still needs to write down customer's info.
Device requirements
  • Any device or computer that has installed with the latest Internet browser.
  • You may run this app on Windows 10 and access it with any browser.
  • This app has the capability to host on a Linux server or Windows server and the user may access it with any browser (using HTTPS).
Server requirements
  • One CPU/vCPU or more.
  • 2GB RAM.
  • 2GB storage.
  • Windows 10, Windows 2012 server (or later) or Ubuntu server v18 (or later).
  • HTTPS port enabled.
  • Allows creating up to 1,000 databases.
  • Allows keeping maximum of 50 user accounts.
  • 10 concurrent user in accessing the system.
  • You have the choice to host it yourself and we can host it for you.
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