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Design an iOS app for managing project earning and payout

Published on: 22nd Jan 2021

Do you want to find out what is the profitability on the project that you've been working on?

The idea

We have been searching for a new app idea for quite awhile. Finally, we have shortlisted a few ideas and the first project in 2021 will be developing an app that helps users to manage project earning and payout.

We believe this app is going to be very helpful especially for small businesses, and for those who require to move around to many locations where accessing a laptop or computer is not convenient.

It saves the users' time from data entry, eases the process of finding out which project is profitable, and how much they have spent on the project. With this analysis, the users will be able to strategize and react to any issue within a shorter period of time.

Project scope

In version 1.0, we will try to limit the project scope instead of expanding it exponentially. The main reason is to avoid blowing up the development cost and the second reason is to complete the development soonest possible.

Features that we plan to incorporate

Here's what we think the app should have in version 1.0.

Features that we plan NOT to incorporate

Here's the list of features that we don't think are appropriate to be incorporated into an iOS app or maybe added to the future version.

Proposed screens

All righty, so far so good in scoping the project. Now it's time to sketch some screens and here are two of the proposed screens.

A summary and overview of the earning and payout. This will tell the user whether the business is profitable or not throughout the years. The statistics such as total earning, total payout, total profit (or could be loss) and the profit margin are shown on the right-hand side with a pie chart. Aside from these statistics, it also tells the user how many projects are active and inactive. A nice bar chart will occupy two thirds of the screen on the left that tells the user which month has the highest earning and payout.

Proposed summary view

The next important view is the project view which tells the user which project is making a profit and which one is making a loss. With all the statistics on the screen for each project, it will definitely helpful in letting the user to decide how to improve the performance.

Proposed project view


We are so excited about this new app. Hope we can complete it soonest possible.

Please visit the app page to find out more about this app

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Lau Hon Wan, software developer.