19th Aug 2022 All iOS apps that we were offering has been delisted from the Apple App Store.

A new web based application will be releasing soon to replace the iOS app.

Stay tuned! 😊

ciysys PMS for iPad
ciysys PMS
Jun 27, 2020 - version 2.3 has been released.
ciysys PMS (Property Management System) app is designed for the hotel, motel, B&B or guest house owners to manage booking and room inventory.
This app is designed and optimized for iPad - handling booking become easier, convenient and portable!
you can handle the booking at anywhere you want.
It's FAST,
you can access the information immediately after your iPad has been turned on. You don't need to wait for the computer to boot up. You don't need to wait for Internet connection either.
from making new booking to sending the booking details to the guest in less than 3 minutes.
this app continues to work even in the event of black-out or power failure in your surrounding.
managing the room inventory and bookings in the dashboard with daily occuppancy.
the arrival list and departure list are always up-to-date.
you don't need to maintain the bookings in a spreadsheet any more. You don't need to worry that someone messes up the spreadsheet formulas.
  • Able to email the booking details to the guest.
  • A breezy way to view the room availability and occupancy on the calendar. This allows you to handle the enquiries easily.
  • Able to check the room availability for any date - the app keeps track of the number of rooms that are sold for the day and rooms which remain as available.
  • The screen is user-friendly and easy to use. With the 'clean' design and user-friendliness in mind, we made this app intuitive and easy to use.
  • Upon running the app for the first time, it will show the list of actions to be done by the user. This checklist is useful for the first-time user.
This app is suitable for
  • Property type:
    • Guest house
    • Bed & breakfast (B&B)
    • Motel
    • Hotel (with 30 rooms or less)
  • Single cashier/operator
Non-Subscription Based
This app is not a monthly subscription-based app. You just have to purchase up front with a one-time fee (i.e. perpetual license) which allows you to use the app forever.
Device requirements
  • iPad only.
  • iOS 13.0 or later.
Booking process
  • Able to perform check-in immediately after booking. For walk-in guest to make a booking, the app will prompt for immediate check-in. This speeds up the check-in process.
  • Able to email the booking details to the guests.
  • Allows user to assign room by choosing it from the pop-up list.
  • Able to calculate the booking charges.
  • Able to undo check-in in the event of checking the wrong guest in.
  • Able to undo check-out in the event of checking the wrong guest out.
  • Able to cancel the booking and undo the cancellation.
  • Able to mark the booking as 'no show' and undo the 'no show'.
Regular Guest
  • Able to maintain the regular guests information. For walk-in guests, you may skip this step and speed up the booking process.
  • Able to search the regular guests by name, email address and mobile number.
  • Able to view the bookings made by the guests from the guests profile.
  • Currently, the app has three reports: (1) next 7 days occupancy, (2) bookings for the day and (3) daily revenue. You may preview the report on screen and then email it to the management.
  • Able to email the reports to the management.
App Store Customer Reviews
(New version)
by I bridge, Canada - Version 2.1 - Jul 14, 2018
I have been using this app since it first developed. I had the feeling that the developer really knows about what you need to run a small hotel. This newly updated version is better than the previous one. Kept all the charms and rid of the lesser. It really worth the new iPad I bought to run this app. The technical support was really helpful and quick to respond.
Finally there is an app for small motel
by I bridge, Canada - Version 1.0 - Mar 5, 2014
Affordable , if you would go with the software with lots of fancy function which is useless for a small motel you can only buy one month license with the money for this app. Simple, basic, easy to use. The developer really knows what a motel needs. It would be nice if we could see and change the room number we assigned and the rate in one page for a specific day. If we could input the guest's name once, when they return next time it shows this guest's information when you input the same name.