S ervices
CIYSYS Solution - a software development company who provides customized business solution and on the shelf programs.
why are we here?
  • To develop and offer apps that are affordable and simple to use.
  • To help companies to improve workflow and achieve long-term cost reduction.
  • To help set pace for the transition from paper to digital with simple and intuitive apps.
  • To enable companies to manage businesses efficiently on the go.
our services
  • Front end development with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Back end development with Node.js or ASP.Net/C#.
  • Designing and optimizing database such as MSSQL and Sqlite.
  • To develop solution that works on both Windows OS and Linux OS.
  • Automates and scheduled checklist for repetitive tasks in order to reduce manpower.
our belief
  • Software system is one of the key factors for success in business.
  • The system should be upgradeable when the business grow.
  • The software system should compliment and enhancement the staff productivity.
our ability
  • System design with enterprise architecture.
  • Developing system for multi-outlet or multi-location.
  • Decoupling a monolithic system into multiple micro-services.
  • Decoupling the front end (i.e., user interface) from the back end services.
If you are looking for a customized solution,