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Executing DOS command with Powershell

Published on: 16th Dec 2019

Updated on: 16th Jan 2022


It's best that we can write all scripts in Powershell.... that will be very nice. Unfortunately, sometimes it's more convenient to write the DOS command.

To execute DOS command, we use "cmd /c" + the DOS command:

cmd /c "dir d:"

We may execute the DOS command using Invoke-Expression:

$cmd = "dir d:\temp3" Invoke-Expression -Command $cmd

OR, to execute the Robocopy to copy the file from one folder to another:

$src = "d:\temp3\test" $dst = "d:\temp3\test2" $cmd = "robocopy $src $dst /S /E /COPYALL /DCOPY:T /R:10 /W:10 /NP /TEE" Invoke-Expression -Command $cmd

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Lau Hon Wan, software developer.