19th Aug 2022 All iOS apps that we were offering has been delisted from the Apple App Store.

A new web based application will be releasing soon to replace the iOS app.

Stay tuned! 😊

ciysys Roster for iPad
ciysys Roster
Jan 16, 2021 - released version 2.2.
To access the user guide, please visit the following link: ciysys Roster App User Guide
This app is designed for the manager or department head to schedule the working shift for the staff.
  • This app can be used by the manager or department head to plan the shift for each staff.
  • Able to detect if there is any conflict in the schedule. (does not allow to key in another roster entry for the same date, same staff.)
  • Allows you to email the weekly roster to the staff after you have keyed in the staff roster.
  • Able to view the 7 days roster.
  • Allow adding unlimited staffs.
  • Allows adding unlimited shifts and each shift can have different color.
  • Unlimited roster entries.
  • This app does not required any Internet connection to work.
  • The records will be kept in the iPad forever which is good for review or roster audit unless the app is deleted manually.
Non-Subscription Based
This app is not a monthly subscription-based app. You just have to purchase up front with a one-time fee (i.e. perpetual license) which allows you to use the app forever.
What the app cannot do
  • This app is developed for single-user and single-device only.
  • The data will not sync with iCloud.
Device requirements
  • iPad only.
  • Must be iOS 13.0 or later.
Updated on 29th Jan 2021
What are the benefits of a staff roster?
  • Cost savings as better scheduling can reduce overheads.
  • Avoid staff being overworked by receiving bad shift combinations.
  • Allow the staff to work accordingly and enjoy their free time without any worry.
  • Higher employee productivity and lower staff turnover.
  • Increased quality of services.
  • Reduction in unpunctuality and absenteeism.
What are the tips of creating a roster that is good for business?
  • Share schedule options with all staff to avoid a perception of favoritism.
  • Fill the understaffed or busy shifts with the most experienced and skilled employees.
  • Make sure everyone receives two days off to avoid burnout and loss of performance.
  • Use sales data and timesheet data as a guideline to decide how many staff you need on what day and at what time.