7th Dec 2022 We have migrated another 3 iOS apps (Inventory, Wait list for restaurant and Catering) to web based app. We have removed the hardware restriction and you will be able to access the app with any internet browser (Chrome, Firefox or Safari) from any device or computer.

On the other hand, our new app has the capability to host on a Linux server or Windows server. An additional advantage using our app without any hardware and OS restriction.

More apps will be migrated and available soon.

Stay tuned! 😊

We develop no frills, value-smart apps with intuitive navigation that cover consistency, simplicity and clean interaction to move your business forward.
Planning to take your business from pen and paper to an app?
You can now improve efficiency & reduce your business operating costs with these apps.
ciysys Catering
This app is designed for the event organizer to track the orders...
ciysys Expenses tracker
Our expenses tracker app is a simple and easy-to-use way to track your expenses...
ciysys Inventory
This app is designed for the any business who requires in managing their inventory items. It is best for replacing the paper form (such as Bin Card)...
ciysys Profit & loss
Managing your own business can be overwhelming. There are many hats to wear and things to juggle at once. It isn't an easy task, but it's achievable with business apps.
ciysys Project cost
A project costs tracking app developed in 2021. It helps in managing the profitability of your project....
ciysys Wait list for restaurant
Now is an opportune time for both businesses and the community to try and adopt a crowd control app.

If you have purchased our iOS app earlier, it will still continue to work without any issue.

To find out what we were offering in the past, check out the following page:

[ Show me the old iOS app ]
If you are looking for a customized solution,