31st Oct 2022 A new web based application has be released. Click here for the new ciysys Project cost for web 😊

19th Aug 2022 All iOS apps that we were offering has been delisted from the Apple App Store.

ciysys Project cost for iPad
ciysys Project cost
Dec 20, 2021 - released version 1.1
Projects run more smoothly when you can manage all in the same place. This is an optimized app for keeping track of the project earnings and payout. It's built for businesses to track project costs with ease which gives better visibility of all projects in one place.
A great time saver, this app is best for those who are running multiple projects in highly mobile environments and to get a better view of project costs and profitability.
Among the diverse projects you run, do you know which project generates most profit or the costs incurred for a specific project? This app analyses data that shows you the projects that generate the highest earnings and the projects that incur the highest payout. It summarizes the earnings and payout by customer, project and year.
You may also view the contribution from each customer. As a result, it is easier for you to get a better picture of which project you should put more focus and effort into. This app also allows you to view the profit margin without the need to manually enter the formula like you used to do with a spreadsheet program.
One of the best things about this app is the number of projects or customers you can create is unlimited. There is also no set limit to the number of records. You may key in as many as you want.
Non-subscription based
This app is not a monthly subscription-based app. You just have to purchase up front with a one-time fee (i.e. perpetual license) which allows you to use the app forever.
  • Unlimited projects can be created and tracked with this app.
  • Unlimited customers can be tracked with this app.
  • Unlimited user configurable classification of earning and payout.
  • This app does not require internet connectivity which you can use it anytime and anywhere.
What the app cannot do
  • This app is not a quotation system which is not what this app is about.
  • This app does not manage the resources like manpower, materials, etc.
  • This app is not a project management app as it does not track any project milestone and deadline.
  • This app is developed for single-user and single-device only.
  • The data will not sync with iCloud or any other cloud storage. You will have to turn on the app backup feature in your iPad.
Device requirements
  • For iPad only
  • iOS 14.0 or higher
A summary and overview of the earning and payout. This will tell the you whether your business is profitable or not throughout the years. The statistics such as total earning, total payout, total profit (or could be loss) and the profit margin are shown on the right-hand side with a pie chart. Aside from these statistics, it also tells you how many projects are active and inactive. A nice bar chart will occupy two thirds of the screen on the left that tells which month has the highest earning and payout.
The next important view is the project view which tells you which project is making a profit and which one is making a loss. With all the statistics on the screen for each project, it will definitely helpful in letting you to decide how to improve the performance.