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Where and how to keep track of the room status (occupied, dirty, vacant, etc)?

  • This feature is not available at the moment.

Can I key in 30 nights in a booking?

  • Currently the system is able to handle a maximum of 10 nights.

How to undo check-in, check-out, cancellation or no-show?

  • The "undo check-in" option will appear after you have checked in the guest. This can be done by calling out the booking details and tab "Undo" option.

How to include breakfast, lunch, dinner?

  • This feature is ready in version 1.4. You need to tap on Menu\Extra Charges to setup the item. For example, air-port transfer, breakfaster, city tour. After you have setup the Extra Charges, you may pick the item in the Extra option in the booking entry.

Is it possible to email confirmation and charges to the guest?

  • Yes. Open the booking details and tab "Email" option.
  • Note: the booking must be saved first before you see the email option. Internet connection is required.

How to search booking history?

  • For regular guests, open their guest profile and tab "History" button.
  • For walk-in guests, this featured is not available at the moment. The only way is to view the reservation list for the selected day.

Is it possible to view daily occupancy for the given month?

  • You may view the daily occupany in the Calendar screen. Another option is generating "7 days of occupancy report" through Reports menu option.

Is the app able to print a list of guest names who have paid for breakfast?

  • This featured is ready in version 1.4. To print the guest who has paid for the breakfast, goto Calendar screen and tap on the date that you want to print. After that, tap on the printer icon (located at the top right corner) and tap Breakfast.

Can I set the room charges?

  • Yes. This app is able to handle three rates for each room type. Tap on Menu\Room Type. Tap on the room type and you will be able to key in three rates and the remarks.
  • Note: in the current version, the app allows you to have three net charges and it is not able to handle tax.
  • Note: once you have keyed in three different charges, you will be able to select it when you are assigning the room to the guest.

Is it able to handle redeem voucher/coupon?

  • Not at the moment.

Is it able to handle no-show charge?

  • Not at the moment.

Is it able to handle the charges for extra bed?

  • Not at the moment.

Why there is no print option in your app?

  • Our intention is to help to reduce the paper consumption. If someone need the information, you may send them through email.