Booking Entry

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Booking entry
Email booking to the guest
Assigning room to booking
  • This screen allows you to key in the booking details. To fill in the booking details:
    • Choose the check-in date;
    • Key in the guest's name and
    • Assign the room(s).
      • If the guest is not going to check-in immediately, you may choose the "room type" without any room number.
      • If the room is ready for check in, you may choose the room type and then the room number.
    • Upon fill up the necessary fields, tab Save option that is located at the top right corner.
  • If the check-in date is today, the app will prompt for checking in the guest immediately. Otherwise, it will prompt for sending the booking details through email.
  • In case of you accidentally checked in the wrong booking, you may open the booking (that has been checked in wrongly) and tab on the "Undo" option. This will undo the check in process. You may "Undo" the cancellation and no-show.
  • In the booking screen, it has an "Email" option. This option will appear after you have saved the booking and it allows you to email the booking details to the guest.
  • This screen supports two gestures:
    • Goto next booking (in the same section) - swipe from right to left with one finger.
    • Goto previous booking (in the same section) - swipe from left to right with one finger.


  • To send the report through email, please make sure that you have setup the mail account in your device.