Booking Entry

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Booking entry
Email booking to the guest
Assigning room to booking
  • This screen allows you to key in the booking details. To fill in the booking details:
    • Choose the check-in date;
    • Key in the guest's name and
    • Assign the room(s).
      • If the guest is not going to check-in immediately, you may choose the "room type" without any room number.
      • If the room is ready for check in, you may choose the room type and then the room number.
    • Upon fill up the necessary fields, tab Save option that is located at the top right corner.
  • If the guest check-in date is today, the app will prompt for checking in the guest immediately. Otherwise, it will prompt for sending the booking through email.

  • This screen supports two gestures:
    • Goto next booking (in the same section) - swipe from right to left with one finger.
    • Goto previous booking (in the same section) - swipe from left to right with one finger.