Booking Entry

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Booking entry
Assigning room to booking
Track special request
Track special request
Email booking to the guest
  • This screen allows you to key in the booking details. To fill in the booking details:
    • Choose check-in date.
    • Choose check-out date or number of night.
    • Key in number of rooms, adults and kids.
    • Key in the guest's name.
    • Key in either phone number or email address. You may key in both fields.
    • To assign the room, tab on "Tap to assign room" box below he "Room" section.
      • If the guest is not going to do check-in immediately, you may choose the "room type" and assign the room number upon check-in.
      • If the room is ready for check-in, you may choose the room type and room number.
    • If the guest requests for breakfast or any other special item, tap on Extra section and choose the item from the popup.
    • Upon filling up the necessary fields, tab Save icon (located at the top right corner).
  • The action bar will appear at the bottom of the screen after you have saved the booking.
    • To check-in the guest, tap on the Check-in option.
    • To cancel the booking, tap on the Cancel option.
    • If the guest did not show up, tap on the No show option.
    • In case you accidentally check in the wrong booking, you may tab on the Undo option. This will undo the check-in process. You may "Undo" the cancellation and no-show.
    • The Email option allows you to send the confirmation to the guest. This option will appear after you have saved the booking.


  • In order to use the email function, please make sure you have set up the mail account on your iPad.