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ciysys Roster for iPad
ciysys Roster
NO subscription fee or any other contractual fee.
This app is designed for the manager or department head to schedule the working shift for the sub-ordinates.
To access the user guide, please visit the following link:
ciysys Roster App User Guide
13th Mar 2018 - releasing version 2.0 to App Store.
1.1  | 
This app can be used by the manager or department head to plan the shift for each staff.
1.2 | 
Able to detect if there is any conflict in the schedule.
1.3 | 
It’s able to send the roster to the staff through email.
1.4 | 
Able to view the 7 days roster.
1.5 | 
Allow adding unlimited staffs.
1.6 | 
Allows adding unlimited shifts and each shift can have different color.
1.7 | 
Unlimited roster entries.
1.8 | 
This app does not required any Internet connection to work.
What the app cannot do
2.1  | 
This app is developed for single-user and single-device only.
2.2 | 
The data will not sync with iCloud.
Device requirements
3.1  | 
iPad 2 or above. (iPhone is not supported.)
3.2 | 
Must be iOS 10.0 or higher.
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