year 2003
dynamic virtual machine
System Feature
1.1  | 
The main idea of building the virtual machine is to
1.1.1  | 
Speed up the development of customized project. Targeted 50% codes will be written manually for each customized system.
1.1.2 | 
Updating the system without shutting down the core engine.
1.1.3 | 
Reduce the technical support costs on troubleshooting the runtime environment such as, conflict in the libraries.
1.1.4 | 
Freedom to incorporate new features due to the environment changed (in Windows) without recompiling all customized systems (i.e., the customized system remains untouched).
1.2 | 
Virtual Machine- this is the core engine written in MFC from scratch that consists of script engine,reporting engine and tightly integrated with MS SQL 200 Server. The only dependency is ADO library. Distribution does not require installation. Currently, the size of this virtual machine is 1MB EXE.
1.3 | 
System Designer- this module is built from scratch using MFC. It allows the programmer to perform screen design, settings up the business rules and calling reports. Multi-languages interface can be design using this System Designer.
1.4 | 
Report Designer- this module is built from scratch using MFC. It allows the programmer to design the report that is database independent. The reporting engine was integrated into the virtual machine.
Projects that is using Evotech Dynamic Virtual Machine
1.0 | 
Inventory Control System for Electrical Shop
1.1  | 
Supports FIFO, LIFO, weighted average and actual cost (based on the serial number).
1.2 | 
The system runs in a multi-users environment.
1.3 | 
The database is MSDE (Microsoft Desktop Engine).
1.4 | 
Allows tracking the stock level, issuing invoice, etc.
1.5 | 
Allows printing monthly statement for the customer.
2.0 | 
Accounting System (under development)
2.1  | 
Able to handle full set accounts including GL, AR, AP and cashbook.
2.2 | 
Does not require year-end closing.
2.3 | 
Able to integrate with the above mentioned Inventory Control System.
Development Tools
1.1  | 
VC++ 6 using MFC.
1.2 | 
MS SQL Server 2000.
Client Background
We develop this program for in-house research purposes.