year 2001 - 2005
e-billing system
for construction company
System Feature
1.1  | 
Machinery Booking - allows the customer to make booking on the requested machine.
1.2 | 
Fixed Asset Transfer (FAT) - allows user to issue FAT upon delivery of machines to the construction site.
1.3 | 
Re-rent - allows user to key in the re-rent machine to the system.
1.4 | 
Rental termination - this module allows user to enter the termination of rental agreement when the customer returns the machine.
1.5 | 
Generating invoice twice a month - the system will generate invoice based on FAT. Once the machine has been returned, it will no longer generate the invoice.
1.6 | 
There are total 4 outputs from this project:
1.6.1  | 
2 ActiveX DLLs - security DLL & data-tier DLL.
1.6.2 | 
1 OCX - some customized VB controls to speed up the development.
1.6.3 | 
1 Standard EXE - this is the main program that provides.
1.7 | 
The system was designed to cater for shift and daily sales closing. Only authorized personnel (normally supervisor) are allowed to perform the sales closing. After shift or daily sales closing, the receipt number will run on different series of number which constitutes the transaction date, shift number and 5 digits running number. The supervisor will have to enter the sales variance after the closing of sales has been done. Whereas, the system does not block the POS operator from entering new sales transaction.
Development Tools
1.1  | 
MS SQL 2000- database engine.
1.2 | 
VB6 - develop user interface.
1.3 | 
Active Report - for creating reports.
Client Background
1.1  | 
The client is operating their business in Sunway, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.
1.2 | 
The entire project has gone through two enhancements due to the changes in the business rules.
1.3 | 
The system is still running since year 2001.