year 2001
point of sales system
located in multi-locations that replicate the data back to HQ office
System Feature
1.1  | 
The business nature of the company is a 24/7 lounge located in the airport of Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Indonesia. Each lounge is equipped with a MS SQL 2000 server to store all sales transactions. The sales transactions will be replicated back to HQ office located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia during off peak period through their Virtual Private Network VPN.
1.2 | 
Support multi-currencies and has individual exchange rate that controlled by the management.
1.3 | 
All POS users have their own SQL user login that allows the system administrator to monitor the connected users.
1.4 | 
Able to import sales data, credit note and adjustment in diskette (from Outlet).
1.5 | 
This system also stores the instructions in the contract between airline and the lounge. So, the POS users do not have to manually flip through the instructions book as they have done it in the past. With the POS system, they have to select the contract airline and the instructions will be on the screen. This improves the responsiveness to their customer.
1.6 | 
Besides receiving cash in multi-currencies and various credit cards, the system is also designed to accept voucher. The voucher is distributed by the lounge to the contract airline and the airline company will pass the voucher to their regular passengers. The passenger can then enjoy the services in the lounge by just presenting the voucher.
1.7 | 
The system was designed to cater for shift and daily sales closing. Only authorized personnel(normally supervisor) are allowed to perform the sales closing. After shift or daily sales closing, the receipt number will run on different series of number which constitutes the transaction date, shift number and 5 digits running number. The supervisor will have to enter the sales variance after the closing of sales has been done. Whereas, the system does not block the POS operator from entering new sales transaction.
Development Tools
1.1  | 
MS SQL 2000- database engine
1.2 | 
VB6 - develop user interface
1.3 | 
Crystal Report - create report
Client Background
The client is operating airport lounge in KLIA (Malaysia), Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and Shanghai (China).