year 2007
online reservation system
for hotel
System Feature
1.0 | 
This is a web based system. It is accessible through
2.0 | 
In general, it has 2 modules: guest module and admin module.
3.0 | Guest Module:
3.1  | 
Able to track and keep the guest record in the database.
3.2 | 
Allows guest to register themselves in the system for e-marketing purpose such as sending them the promotion information, updated event, etc.
3.3 | 
The guest will be able to manage their reservations and communicate with the hotel through the built-in messaging system.
3.4 | 
Upon confirmation, the guest will receive the confirmation email with the PDF file that contains the confirmation.
3.5 | 
The guest is able to pay the reservation by credit card. The system is interface with the online credit card payment gateway provided by Maybank Bhd Malaysia.
4.0 | Admin Module:
4.1  | 
Allows the admin (staff) key in the room inventory in the system.
4.2 | 
Allows the admin to key in dynamic pricing for the room inventory. For example, 2 rooms are selling at RM8.00 and 3 rooms are selling at RM20.00. The system will automatically move the selling price up by 1 level once the room is sold out.
4.3 | 
Allows the admin to manage the reservations.
4.4 | 
Allows the admin to block off the rooms during peak season.
4.5 | 
Allows the admin to key in rates for peak and non-peak.
4.6 | 
Able to generate sales reports.
4.7 | 
Able to give special rates for a particular group of guest. For example, corporate guest and travel agents.
Development Tools
1.1  | 
MS SQL 2005 - database engine
1.2 | 
ASP.NET and C# - develop user interface
1.3 | 
DevExpress XtraReport - for creating report
Client Background
The client is a hotel management company who operates 8 hotels in Malaysia.