year 2014
online organization chart
System Feature
1.1  | 
Allow the user to setup the staff profile and the reporting structure. Then, the organization chart will be able to show the hierarchy.
1.2 | 
Able to keep track the staff employment period and the basic employee's details.
1.3 | 
This application provides the organization chart web service for other applications to consume (Service Oriented Architecture for the enterprise). For example, the Online Leave Application will be able to show the staffs who is working in the organization. The Dashboard Report will be send on weekly basis (every Monday) that includes the system usage statistics and the staff movement statistic.
1.4 | 
Able to keep track all the changes in all area including the routing steps - this is for audit purpose.
Development Tools
1.1  | 
ASP.NET v3.5 - develop the website.
1.2 | 
MSSQL 2008 - database engine.