year 2001
palm pilot
guest survey system
System Feature
1.1  | 
Perform survey through Palm Pilot (as data collector) in the hotel front desk. After the survey, the palm user will have to synchronize the data back to desktop application.
1.2 | 
A few set of questionnaires can set up and transfer to the palm through HotSynch manager.
1.3 | 
The system allows the management personnel to generate report at anytime that really improves the responsiveness to the key problem area.
Development Tools
1.1  | 
MS Access 2000- database engine
1.2 | 
VB6 - develop user interface for desktop application
1.3 | 
AppForge to develop palm pilot application
1.4 | 
Active Report to generate the statistic reports.
Client Background
The client is a hotel management company who is doing the guest survey regularly.