year 2003
front office system
System Feature
All of 3 systems are for the same customer who required the systems in separate EXE.
1.0 | 
Resource Management System:
1.1 | 
This system is responsible for recording all customers' detail. All scanned contracts between the customers will be stored in the system as well for future references.
2.0 | 
Customer Relationship Management:
2.1 | 
This system is responsible for tracking the details of all resources that can be rent to the customer. An inventory control system has been incorporated to consumable items. The sub modules for the inventory control is issuing Purchase Order, handling stock adjustment, receiving goods and returning goods.
3.0 | 
Front Office System:
3.1 | 
This system is responsible for handling incoming calls, enter job details (i.e., charges), maintaining customer preferences and resource booking. Besides, it also generates recurring bill for the customer.
Development Tools
1.1  | 
MS SQL 2000 - database engine.
1.2 | 
VB6 - develop user interface.
1.3 | 
Active Report - for creating reports.
Client Background
The client is operating business centers in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Singapore, Hong Kong and China.