year 2008
fixed asset register system
System Feature
1.1  | 
This is a web based system.
1.2 | 
This system allows the company to keep track of their fixed asset through a web base system.
1.3 | 
It allows the admin to upload multiple photos, PDF files, user guide, etc of the fixed asset to the server.
1.4 | 
Able to generate depreciation schedule for each asset.
1.5 | 
Able to generate depreciation report for the given period. This report is useful for the Accounts department to post the depreciation.
1.6 | 
Able to generate the asset location report.
1.7 | 
It has a built-in audit log to track the changes of the fixed asset.
1.8 | 
It is able to keep track of the fixed asset for multi-organization and multi-company.
Development Tools
1.1  | 
MS SQL 2005 - database engine
1.2 | 
ASP.NET and C# - develop user interface
1.3 | 
Integrate the security module through WCF (Windows Communication Foundation).
1.4 | 
DevExpress XtraReport - for creating report
Client Background
The client is a hotel management company who operates 8 hotels in Malaysia.