year 2007
event management system
System Feature
1.0 | 
This is a web based system. It is accessible through
2.0 | 
In general, it has 3 modules: the web portal, guest module and admin module.
3.0 | The Web Portal
3.1  | 
Allows the admin to customize the Home page and About Us page.
3.2 | 
All events will be shown in the web portal and accessible by the public. This includes the location map for the venue, additional information for the event such as, PDF file of the event in previous year.
4.0 | Guest Module
4.1  | 
Allows the guest to open an account with the event organizer at anytime.
4.2 | 
Allows the guest to register any available event at anytime without using fax.
4.3 | 
An invoice will be sent through email immediately once the guest has confirmed the event registration online.
4.4 | 
An official receipt will be sent once the payment has been received by the organizer.
4.5 | 
Allows the guest to reprint the invoice at any time.
5.0 | Admin Module
5.1  | 
Allows the admin (staff) to key in the events details, uploading files and photos at anywhere and anytime.
5.2 | 
Allows the admin to key in additional request for the particular events. For example, power extension cord, projectors, etc. The additional request can be free or chargeable.
5.3 | 
Allows the admin to set the maximum available seats in the event. The system will automatically deduct the available seats once the guest has registered to the event.
5.4 | 
The waiting list is a system setting and it allows the admin to change it at anytime.
5.5 | 
The admin is able to resend the invoice, official receipt and mail merge at anytime.
5.6 | 
Upon requesting of opening a new account by the guest, the admin will have to manually approve it. This allows the organizer to have full control over the guest account.
Development Tools
1.1  | 
MS SQL 2005 - database engine
1.2 | 
ASP.NET and C# - develop user interface
1.3 | 
DevExpress XtraReport - for creating report
Client Background
The client is an event organizer in the education industry.