year 2003
drugs inventory control system
for clinic
System Feature
1.0 | Inventory Control System in HQ
1.1  | 
TRANSACTION HISTORY: able to keep track of the drugs movement.
1.2 | 
FIFO COSTING METHOD: the costing method for this system is FIFO (first in first out). The system will be able to track how many drugs are located in the drug store and the actual cost for each drug.
1.3 | 
DYNAMIC MARKUP: the selling price for the drug to other branches is based on the markup of actual cost. This means that the selling price is calculated upon issuing delivery order.
1.4 | 
BEST OFFER: the system keeps track the bonus quantity (i.e., promotion item) offered by the supplier. When the user wants to issue Purchase Order, the system will show the best offer . This assists the user to make a better decision and reduce the time of comparing the offer from each supplier.
2.0 | OTC System in sales Counter
2.1  | 
This system is installed in the counter of the clinic to record the drugs sold to the patient.
2.2 | 
The quantity status will be updated immediately upon issuing an official receipt to the patient. This allows the drugs keeper to reallocate the drugs from one branch to another.
2.3 | 
There are 2 types of selling price that includes consultation price and OTC price. Both prices are marked up based on standard cost of the drug.
Development Tools
1.1  | 
MS ACCESS - database engine
1.2 | 
VB6 - develop user interface
1.3 | 
Active Report - for creating report
Client Background
1.1 | 
The client is a clinic who is operating their inventory store in Shah Alam, Malaysia.
1.2 | 
The system has been implemented since year 2003 and they are still using this system.