year 1999, freelance job
accounting system
for legal firm
System Feature
1.0 | Client Profile Maintenance Module
1.1  | 
This module will keep track of all the client information, the appointment or meeting details and court case details, etc.
1.2 | 
Turnkey historical data checking which increase the response time to client through phone call or interview.
2.0 | Billing Module
2.1  | 
This module provides an easy way to issue a bill and keep track of all the bills.
2.2 | 
Able to print the bill listing and using crystal report to create exceptional report, such as summary of disbursement fee and legal fee for each client.
3.0 | Other Modules
3.1  | 
Cash/Cheque Receiving Module - This feature will automatically deduct the amount of settlement and issue an official receipt upon receiving deposits from the client.
3.2 | 
Client Account Module - To maintain client accounts for all transaction like bills and payments.
3.3 | 
Office Account Module - To maintain the General Ledger transaction and final reports (such as Profit & Loss Account and Balance Sheet).
Development Tools
1.1  | 
MS ACCESS - database engine
1.2 | 
VB5 - develop user interface
1.3 | 
Crystal Report - use to create report
Client Background
A legal firm who is operating in Jalan Ipoh Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
1.1  | 
After using the system, they are able to speed up the response time to their clients. Such as, issuing bill, official receipt and retrieving historical data from the system.
1.2 | 
Since the billing module allows the user to customize or predefined the billing item, it reduces the typo mistake and shortens the learning cycle of handling bill and official receipt.
1.3 | 
Able to provide exceptional reports within 2 hours.