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ciysys Catering for iPad
ciysys Catering
NO subscription fee or any other contractual fee.
This app is designed for the event organizer to track the orders.
1.1  | 
Allow creating the standard item to be used by the event.
1.2 | 
Allow grouping the standard item to ease the searching.
1.3 | 
Able to track the event’s date, time, location and customer.
1.4 | 
A summary view of last 100 events in the calendar.
1.5 | 
Unlimited event records.
1.6 | 
Unlimited items.
1.7 | 
Allow duplicate catering event record.
1.8 | What's New in Version 1.3
1.8.1  | 
Added unit of measure.
1.8.2 | 
You may email the catering details to your customer and chef by tapping on Email option in the catering entry screen.
1.8.3 | 
Enhanced the date selection popup.
What the app cannot do
2.1  | 
This app is developed for single-user and single-device only.
2.2 | 
The data will not sync with iCloud.
2.3 | 
This app is not able to track any charges to the customer.
Device requirements
3.1  | 
iPad 2 or above. (iPhone is not supported.)
3.2 | 
Must be iOS 8.0 or higher.
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